Welcome to Serendipity Farm

We are a family of 4 living our dreams in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina.  We left Auburn, Alabama (our hometown of 15+ years!) to start our small farm on just a few acres outside Burnsville, NC. Our goals are to live simply, love madly, learn quickly, and produce as much of what we need here on our farm.

We grow a variety of vegetables, berries, dwarf peaches, and both edible and medicinal herbs.  We raise chickens for eggs and meat as well as rabbits for both meat and fiber.  You can find TS at the Yancey County Farmers Market just about every Saturday and Lori at many of the local craft events selling handmade soaps and body products.

Farm updates:

2/3/18:  We now have hatching eggs available!

  • Silver Welsh Harlequin Ducks $4 per egg
  • Ancona Ducks $4 per egg
  • Olive Egger Chickens $3 per egg
  • Easter Egger Chickens $3 per egg
  • English Orpington Chickens $3 per egg


Check out our blog here to find out more about our adventures!