LD Post #1: Where’s my beer?

I’ve been wanting to get “back to the land” and start a homestead for oh, about 8 or 9 years now…  after years of struggling financially and having two kids my husband went “corporate” and we moved into a too-big house in the nicer side of town and tried to really invest in suburban life.  During this time I had happily quit my job to stay home with the kids and scrounge time throughout the long days to work on my home businesses (MUCH easier said than done). I had given up on the farm life actually happening before the kids are grown.  Then my husband throws a curve ball and says he wants to give up his job…his job that finally seemed to be going somewhere after 7 years.  I freak out for a couple days before I realize he’s wanting to do exactly what I’d been dreaming of for years.  Here’s to hoping we can make it happen before one of us gets cold feet!


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