TS Post #1: Well, I guess this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

So here we are… the two of us about to embark on what some may think is an absolute horrible idea of an adventure into unknown and lackluster territory. We are mid-thirties, two kids (aged 4 and 2), great situation (solid job security and “great area”), and all we long for are more simple times where the modern grind is absent and the ideas of value in community and contentment in life dominate the landscape instead of the size of your TV or the SQ FT of your home. (55″ and 2600″ respectively.) I can only speak for myself, but I believe I was raised to be better but society has taken a nasty turn in the past 50 years, unto which I succumbed, and the ideals that once ruled the land have been corrupted. It took 34 years, a lot of hard work, a lot of losing my way, little REAL reward, and some health issues to see this unfortunately. Well, bottoms up because things are about to get funky!


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