TS Post #3: Chopping Trees and Severing Ties

Preparing to make such a large jump requires time, preparation, hard work, and calculated risks. Over the past couple weeks, we have been working relentlessly to finish projects around our current house to better entice interest in the property. I’ve cut down and processed 6 or more trees by hatchet (to start preparing my hands) to make the “woods” aspect of our current house’s backyard less intrusive. We have finished building and stacking the rabbit cages to make a clean presentation under the deck. We have started organizing things to go in our future yard sale. We have even made the proper construction investment to fix sagging floors and a major roof leak. The house will be easy to present and hopefully easy to sell. I will miss this house, I really will in a lot of ways. It was the first house we bought to be a final destination. I will not miss paying close to $400 per month in the winter for power… I will not miss the stress of hoping one of the 3 air conditioners doesn’t crap out. I will not miss the $1100 mortgage. I will not miss the 31 interior stairs.

What I also do not look forward too is the eventual disconnect that will occur with many people in this area upon our heading to Asheville. Maybe not the disconnect itself but the responses we will get during our explanation of why we are leaving. Some of these people we have know for 15 years and they will get it. Most of the others will give a look like we farted in church… yeah, that look. I mean we were outsiders when we cloth diapered baby #1 and when LD left her perfectly normal job to stay home with the kids… well we may as well have turned into plague sufferers. I mean why would anyone want to do something like that. Maybe it will be good to repeat this crazy idea over and over again though. It may serve to only further clarify such an abstract idea in today’s modern world.

Personal Note: 3-weeks into this decision and only more convinced that this is the right move. Don’t lose the faith or be swayed by the little voice in your head. He is wrong and has already steered you incorrectly.


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