Some of What We’ve Been Doing…

TS – building fences, clearing brush, working remotely, wrangling kids, moving furniture and boxes out of storage and into the house, getting sunburn/blisters, fighting yellow-jackets, and taking dips in the cold spring-fed creek

LD – wrangling kids, unpacking boxes, clearing brush, accumulating animals (6 chickens, 4 guineas, and 1 dog), visiting friends, line-drying laundry, and feeding everyone including the animals all day long

HS – playing in the creek, building dams, throwing rocks, peeing on trees, swinging upside down in the hammock, “helping” with yard work, feeding weeds to rabbits and cheerios to poultry, catching bugs/slugs/snails/worms, attempting to teach his sister how to play games he invents

SJ – rolling down grassy hills, “helping” with cooking, doing puzzles, playing aforementioned games with HS, visiting friends, actually helping clear brush from around the barn, picking flowers, planting lettuce, swinging in the hammock, and falling asleep while coloring





 photo 2

photo 1






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