It has rained a LOT here lately.  Our area of the mountains is considered a temperate rainforest anyway and when you add a hurricane coming in off the coast and rain blowing in from the west that equals several weeks of WET.  Even the few days that didn’t rain were still so wet and muddy that we couldn’t do much outside.  A lot of projects have been stalled by the weather, but we still have gotten a few things done.

Our contractor rented a digger (I forgot what it’s called) to put in a French drain behind our house to redirect the runoff from the hill.  Thankfully we got it finished right before the rain got really bad.  TS also used it to dig out the hill between our street and backyard so we will be able to drive/park the Jeep there in the future.  The ground was already so wet that the contractor slid the digger into the house and got stuck.  Luckily the house wasn’t damaged and he and TS used a winch on the Jeep to pull it back up the hill and off the house.





The greens we have planted have done well – at least the ones that sprouted did.  A good many of the seeds didn’t sprout.  We planted Mizuna, Tat Soi, Arugula, Bibb Lettuce, and Kale.  Only one Kale sprouted and was quickly eaten by something.  Oddly, the greens HS planted came up, while most of the ones I planted didn’t.  I have a black thumb.  It’s a good thing I’m in charge of the animals and not the veggies in this farming adventure or else we’d starve for sure.



We had some friends visit and it was a challenge to find fun stuff to do in the rain.  We did a little gem mining, and visited both indoor and outdoor playgrounds.  I hope our friends will come visit again when the weather is nicer.  I love my old friend JR and her boys are so cute!





photo 1 (8)

photo 2 (8)


There’s not a whole lot to do when stuck inside our teeny house.  Our dog Cloud doesn’t really like being inside much, so we were all getting kind of stir crazy but we survived.  The kids did a lot of building with blocks and running train tracks throughout the house.  We were so glad to be able to get back outside this week!

photo 1 (5)

photo 3 (5)

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