Makers Gonna Make Make Make…

I’ve been busy lately with my crafting – both professional crafting and hobby stuff.  I had a pretty large bean bag order as well as my weekly order for 200 blocks.  Then there was a large silk order for The Littlest Birds, my close friends’ shop in Asheville who had a tent at the LEAF festival last weekend.  I also have multiple crochet projects going on at any given time.

004  002

Sewing in the kitchen and sanding blocks on the front porch…I do miss my office and crafting space I had in Auburn, but sanding on the porch is way better than the “sanding closet” I had before!

LEAF was really fun – great food, music, and tons of fun activities, and cool vendors.

photo 2 (3)    photo 4

I made the hand kites and the play silks as well as the wood ring nursing necklaces on the necklace display.  The Littlest Birds is a natural baby store in West Asheville owned by my childhood best friend.  I have a few retailers across the US, but mostly I sell from my Etsy shops Life Circles Necklaces on Etsy and Sunny Sprout on Etsy.

TS has been making too – this is the start of our new chick brooder.  It will be big enough to house 50 chicks from day-old to six-weeks-old and ready for the tractors.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  We bought the shed several weeks ago and had it professionally built in order to save time, but the chick brooder is designed and being built by TS.

043 .040

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