About Us

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog!  For those of you who don’t already know us, here’s a super short guide:

TS – husband, father, worker, artist, designer, and builder

LD – wife, mother, dreamer, crafter, and creator

HS – almost-5-year-old super energetic boy who is very gentle with animals

SJ – almost-3-year-old girl who is sensitive and snuggly yet very tough!

Our extended family has always been in a state of flux since TS and LD were married in 2005 and even earlier. Between the dogs, cats, snakes, sugar glider, tropical fish, and “found” pets, we have seen a lot. Currently we have an 11 year old cat who never got a real name called Kitten, a transplant cat named Georgie who acquired his name through a case of mistaken identity and adopted us upon our move to Auburn, and a slew of rabbits.  We do miss our 400 gallon pond with Shibunkin goldfish we had to leave behind in Auburn. We are lovers of all animals and look forward to the possibilities of a new dog, chickens, goats, sheep, alpacas (if LD gets her way), and who knows what else.

We are growing our fledgling farm in the mountains of Burnsville, NC.  Thanks for joining us on our journey!

16 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Your father Ronald is my cousin so I suppose that makes us second cousins if that is the way it works! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I admire your determination and share many of your beliefs about our corrupt food system in our day. I am able to buy mainly organic and local, but sometimes I am even suspect of locally grown food since these farmers may have bought GMO seeds. Wishing you much success in your venture.

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    • Hi Jean, thanks for reading! I hope we can meet soon. I think GMO seeds are only available to farmers contracted by the owners of the GMO seeds. But unfortunately GMO corn has been proven to cross-pollinate with natural corn. It has me worried that eventually all natural food will be genetically corrupted as well as chemically :-(.


  2. Hey there I finally got on your list! the soap looks beautiful. Hope life is good for a;l of you. how is Cloud doing? I miss her still! We recently got a chihuahua mix…quite a change & our Golden, riley, loves her. Happy autumn zora


    • Cloud is doing great! We love her so!!! We have discovered that she LOVES deer legs! Whenever we butcher a deer we give her the legs. She buries them and then later digs them up to chew on them. Nothing goes to waste here 🙂 She loves chasing the kids around the house when they’ve got her toys – it sounds like a herd of buffalo running through!


  3. Hello, I am from Pittsburgh but recently went to Raleigh and the Farmers Market where I purchased some Organic Herb Garden Vinegar….Sweet Basil.

    I love it and would like to know if that was your vegetable display along with the various vinegars? I will send my son to grab me a few more if you still have it.




    • Pam, thank you for contacting us, but we are in Burnsville and do not currently make any vinegars. Our friends at Locally Good Farm (also in Burnsville) do have a variety of vinegars available.


  4. Hi LD,
    my wife and I retired to Green mountain, three years ago; 3 address and s mountain view.
    Your life sounds full and interesting and hectic.

    1. Do you have any chicks or laying hens for sale.
    2. Do you have any Bengal kittens available,
    Hope to hear from you,


  5. My wife loved visiting your farm to pick up our chicks the other day. I just wanted clarification on the breeds received. RIR is Rhode Island Red. GLW is gold laced Wyandotte’s. I’m assuming BR is Brahma. The last one looks like RTM or KLM. This is for Lisa’s order on 4/27. Thanks


    • Hi Steve! I didn’t write it on my piece of the receipt, but I’m looking at my spreadsheet and y’all got 2 Barred Rocks (BR), 1 Ameraucana, 1 Rhode Island Red, 1 Gold Laced Wyandotte, and I know you got a 6th chick but I must have forgotten to note the other. Email or text me photos and I can probably tell you! Serendipityfarmnc@yahoo.com


  6. I just wanted to send a note asking about current egg availability. Please email me back for a private discussion. Sorry this was the only way I saw to reach you 😊


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