Disclaimer and Quick Thoughts

First off, let me say that I, TS, am NOT a trained builder of any sort. I have always dabbled in “creative construction” over the years and seem to have a knack for being at least somewhat proficient at what I attempt. In the past 10 years or so, I have built a deck, a shed, a climbing wall, cabinetry, a bamboo table (Do not attempt that as it will be very wobbly!), a cat enclosure, a rabbit enclosure, a brick patio, a goldfish pond, and other smaller odds and ends. I’ve fell a dozen or so trees, I’ve installed wood floors, I’ve built countless landscaping projects, and painted more walls than I care to think about. Still untrained I say! Any pictures that may be shown of my work will surely make some people cringe. It’s OK, I do too sometimes. Join me as I explore my Tim “the toolman” Taylor side and hopefully I will be able to continue to use all of my fingers… Enjoy.

No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog. However many animals will have lived wonderful happy lives prior to being humanely dispatched for the purpose of supporting our family’s health and well-being. Critters that try to attack and harm our homestead will be dealt with swiftly and pieces of their bodies will be hung in effigy as a warning to others. Sleep tight.


8/17/15:  Monday morning reflections from 3015 ft:
1. Stinging nettles will leave an impression on you for at least 2 days.
2. Living 5 times higher than your normal elevation is very noticeable to your body!
3. Mountain time is a real thing. Went to setup internet at first possible chance and the woman said (with a completely straight face) that the next available time was 2-weeks out… Seriously!
4. Ain’t no family drama like mountain family drama.
5. When you live in the clouds, expect to stay wet.

1/29/15: Spending your entire life trying to find the perfect space that “fits” in a world of spectators is like wishing that you didn’t have to poop ever again. You will either be greatly disappointed or highly regretful.

1/25/15: There is nothing quite like the feeling of cutting down a 12″ thick, 30′ tree with a hatchet only to then have your neighbor come out right after it falls to say, “I have an electric chainsaw if you ever need it…” Thanks!

1/14/18:  Note to self:  Never miss winter again!!!  Busting ice out of water bowls in freezing weather is a lot less pleasant than pulling weeds in the hot sun.

3 thoughts on “Disclaimer and Quick Thoughts

  1. I too live in the highlands of NORTH CAROLINA at 3450 feet up, and lately it has been both wet and down right cooooold. . but I would not want to return to the piedmont except to visit. see you at Mother Earth in April. 01/14/18 Sunday evening reflections

    take care,
    barney b.


  2. Hey there my name is Amy and I live in Mitchell County. I have been researching about rabbits and came across your site thru the American Rabbit Breeders Assoc. website. We are thinking about adding rabbits to our homestead for meat and possibly a fiber breed. Are you going to be doing any workshops this spring? I also read in your blog post that you would be selling some of your rabbits that you have. Do you still have any to sell? Thanks! -Amy


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