TS Post #2: How did we acquire all this stuff?

In trying to start a proper plan this week (in my head of course) I started seeing things around me even more clearly. I am utterly surrounded by things I do not have real needs for and in some cases, we have duplicates! See we live in a 3-story home currently that is situated quite nicely in the woods, right in the center radius of Auburn, AL. It is a huge house and we stole it, or so we think. It has tons of storage and is very modern. We loved it dearly and we are very appreciative to everyone that supported us along our way up to this point. If it were not for some help along the way, a lot of help recently, then we would not be where we are… ready to give it all up for something more simple.

I look around and there are toys on every floor because the kids have attention spans of a flies and leave them everywhere. This is normal you say, but I say, “Have you ever tried to corral angry monkeys while climbing a tree? Didn’t think so. I applaud my wife’s wholehearted efforts in the matter and understand why things are the way they are. I gave her an impossible task with this house. Then I look at the tools, the blankets, the paperwork, the BILLS, the kitchenware, the dirt, and the shear amount of furniture needed to fill a house of this size… it’s ridiculous. No one NEEDS this much stuff to live a happy existence! So let’s sell it all we said. Anything we actually care about is coming with us of course, but so much is just waiting to find a new home to be hoarded in.

Mom, when you read this don’t be mad, but some of the stuff you gave us that you have been holding since myself and Jennifer were born has been sold by the time you read this. I promise we found excellent homes for it all! Homes where that particular item was immediately loved and cherished. We just were not able to love it the same way. We did keep a good bit I promise, and Jen got some in a box that she was not expecting.

Dad, I know you will understand… Mom saved a lot of stuff.

So a warning to all of you out there about the things you own: -If you misplace it for 6-months and never realize it, then you 100% do not need to WASTE your money on it. -If you would leave it in a small house fire, you still do not NEED it. -If someone borrowed it, never gave it back, and you just didn’t feel like even trying to reclaim it, then let it just become theirs. -If you would take it with you under the threat of a hurricane (and you have a day to prepare) then it might be something to care more about under normal circumstances. -And if you would fight a stranger for it, then for God’s sake take care of it!

Here is to cleaning out your closet, literally.