Our Chickens


Pasture-raised non-GMO-fed Chicken (available year-round):

Whole chickens $5.50/lb

Boneless skinless chicken breast $8.50/lb

Leg and Thigh $4.50/lb

Wings $4.50/lb

Feet $2.50/b

We also have Rabbit! $6/lb whole, $7/lb quartered with ribs removed, non-GMO fed

Available EGGS (available most of the year):

Free-range non-GMO-fed CHICKEN eggs $5/dozen (mixed size and color)

Free-range non-GMO-fed GUINEA eggs $8/dozen

Free-range non-GMO-fed DUCK eggs $8/dozen

Available Fertile Hatching Eggs (available with 2 week notice):

Chicken eggs $6/dozen mixed breeds, $10/dozen purebreds

Duck eggs $12/dozen, could be purebred Welsh Harlequin, Ancona, or crossbreed of both

Guinea eggs $12/dozen, available only occasionally, mostly fancy colors


Summer/Fall 2017:

We have a variety of laying hens and pullets available!

Email serendipityfarmnc@yahoo.com for more info.  We are open to trades also.  Thanks!

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