Our Poultry


Pasture-raised non-GMO-fed Chicken:

Whole chickens $5.50/lb

Boneless skinless chicken breast $8.50/lb

Leg and Thigh $4.50/lb

Wings $4.50/lb

Feet $2.00/lb

Frames $2.00/lb

Chicken Livers $4/lb

Pasture-raised, non-GMO-fed Duck:

Whole duck $12/lb, or $10/lb for extra large ducks!

Boneless skinless duck breast $15/lb

Leg and Thigh $9/lb

Wings $4/lb, limited availability

Pure Duck Fat, fully rendered and ready to use! $10 per half pint jar

Feet and frames available occasionally by request

Duck Livers $8/lb


Rabbit, non-GMO fed:

$6/lb whole or quartered with ribs removed

Rabbit Livers $4/lb


EGGS (available most of the year):

Free-range non-GMO-fed CHICKEN eggs $5/dozen (mixed size and color)

Free-range non-GMO-fed DUCK eggs $8/dozen


Available Fertile Hatching Eggs (available with 2 week notice):

Chicken eggs $1 each for mixed breeds, $3-5 each for purebreds

Duck eggs $4 each pure Ancona, $2 each Ancona/Mallard mix

Guinea eggs $12/dozen, available only occasionally, mostly fancy colors



Email serendipityfarmnc@yahoo.com for more info.  We are open to trades also.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Our Poultry

  1. Hi Travis,
    I was at the Burnsville Farmers Market last Saturday. We talked about raw dog and cat food…remember?
    I also bought a dozen BEAUTIFUL eggs and a package of “unclaimed” skinless chicken breasts. We love the eggs and the chicken was incredible!!! I’d like to order more chicken. Skinless breasts are great …do you also have bone in , skin on chicken breasts? What about small to medium roasting chickens ? I would like to place an order. I can either pick up at your farm or the Burnsville farmers market. Let me know if this is possible. Thanks!!!!


    • Hi Susan! This is Travis’s wife Lori. I’m in charge of the blog most days 🙂 We usually package our chicken breasts boneless-skinless since that is what most customers prefer, but we are happy to do a custom order of bone-in skin-on breasts for you. We have some 2-3.5 pound whole roasting chickens available now as well. Please email me at serendipityfarmnc@yahoo.com to place your order. We can bring your order to the market on Saturday or you can pick it up at our farm – whatever works best for you! Thank you for supporting our farm! As far as raw dog and cat food goes, I may have some chicken backs/necks available by Saturday and I also can put you in touch with our friend who runs the local raw-meat-co-op we buy from.


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