Our Hatchery

Here at Serendipity Farm we love hatching!  We hatch a variety of heritage and rare breed Chickens.  Fertile eggs are collected daily and turned twice per day before being incubated.  Chicks are available throughout the Spring and Summer.  Coop-ready pullets and cockerels are available late Spring through Fall.  We occasionally have adult laying hens and adult roosters available, usually late Summer through early Fall. Hatching eggs are available most of the year with 1-2 week notice.  We only sell fresh eggs for hatching to give you the best chance of success!


Available Breeds for 2020 

Black Copper Marans – $10 each (straight run only) – Black Copper Marans are beautiful feathered-legged solid black chickens that lay dark brown eggs.  The males usually have copper-colored feathers on their necks and saddle.  The females often have some copper-colored feathers on their necks, but not as much as the males.  They are well-known for laying the darkest brown eggs of all the brown-egg-laying breeds.

English Orpingtons – chocolate and mauve chicks $15 each (female only), blue and black chicks $2 each (male only) – English Orpingtons are a docile breed that are great layers and do well in winter due to their thick feathering.

Royal Chocolate and Royal Mauve – chicks $8 each (female only) – these are a sex-linked hybrid breed of our own creation! They may not start laying as early as commercial sex-links, but their unique color will add variety to your flock and you can still expect 4-6 light brown eggs per week.

F2 Olive Egger – chicks $4 (straight run only) – a version of Olive/Easter egger, they are most likely to lay a shade of green, olive, or blue, but have a slight chance of laying brown. These chicks are of mixed heritage and most will be black or gray feathered, but other colors are possible.  Most will have a pea comb and they may have feathered legs and/or beards and muffs.

F1 Olive Egger – chicks $7 each (straight run only) – Our female F1 Olive Eggers should lay a light/medium olive egg. These chicks may have feathered legs and/or beards or muffs.  Some will be solid black and some will be barred.

F1B Olive Egger – chicks $6 each (unsexed) – the color of the chick is black.  The females should lay dark olive or dark brown eggs.

Cream Crested Legbars – $15 for females, $5 each for males – the Cream Crested Legbar is an autosexing breed that lays blue eggs. The male is a gorgeous mix of brown, cream, white, black, and barred all over. The female is mostly brown, but also barred, and has a puff or crest of feathers on top of her head.

Tolbunt Polish – $20 each (unsexed) – Polish are well known for their fancy “top-hats” or crests of feathers on top of their heads.  The Tolbunts are the MOST colorful of Polish chickens because they are a mix of golden brown and dark black with white mottling and sometimes dark green accents.  They are alert and active.  The females lay medium sized white eggs.

Assorted Polish Colors – $8 each (unsexed) – In addition to the Tolbunt Polish we are expecting to hatch both Buff Laced and Gold Laced, and possibly a variety of other colors including some mottled variations.

Barnyard mix bargain chicks – $3 each (unsexed) – these chicks are of mixed heritage and can be any combination of the following breeds: Orpingtons, Chantecler, Marans, Easter Eggers, and Game hens.

Fancy mix bargain chicks – $4 each (unsexed) – these chicks are of mixed heritage from some of our “fancier” breeds including Polish, Mille Fleur d’Uccle, Silkie, & Mosaic.  (Please note we do not have any pure Mosaics or Silkies hatching this year.)


Planned Hatch Dates

Dates are subject to change depending on who is laying and the success of the hatch!

Due March 26th: Black Copper Marans, F2 Olive Eggers, F1B Olive Eggers, English Orpingtons, and barnyard mix.

Due April 3rd: Black Copper Marans, F2 Olive Eggers, F1B Olive Eggers, English Orpington, Polish, and barnyard mix.

Due April 10th:  Black Copper Marans, F2 Olive Eggers, F1B Olive Eggers, English Orpington, Crested Legbar, Polish, barnyard mix, and fancy mix.










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