Our Rabbits

We breed a variety of breeds for meat, fiber, and pets.  Our main meat breed is Crème D’Argent which is a heritage breed with a beautiful silvered orange coat.  We also have Purebred American Chinchilla rabbits and mixed breeds for meat as well.

We have French Angora rabbits who supply beautiful, soft fiber for spinning.

We feed our rabbits high quality pellets, whole non-GMO grains, and local orchard grass hay as well as foraged greens from our property which includes grass, plantain, dandelion, and willow.  No hormones, antibiotics, or other medications are used.


Ready-to-cook rabbit: $5/lb whole & $6/lb quartered with ribs removed, non-GMO fed

Pedigreed Crème D’Argent Breeding Stock: $45 each

Pedigreed French Angora Breeding Stock: $65-75 each

French/German/Satin mix Angora Pet/Woolers: $45-55

“Meat Mutt” Breeding Stock: $15 each

Angora Fiber $8 per ounce sheared or $10 per ounce plucked/combed







6 thoughts on “Our Rabbits

  1. I love the blog and your projects! I’ve heard that rabbit manure is a great source for soil health/fertilizer, and I’m wondering if you sell any of yours? I have an orchard in western NC, and if you do have excess rabbit manure that you’d be looking to get off your hands, I’d love to connect. (Sorry if you talk more about this later in the blog and I haven’t read that far yet)


  2. War Eagle!………..Do you still sell Am Chin breeding stock? I live an hour south of Auburn and am having a problem finding any……..Thanks……Bobby J.


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