Spring 2019 Dates TBD

Raising & Processing Backyard Meat Rabbits

Approximately four hours long
$40 each or $65 for two (married couple, partners, friends, parent/child, whatever!)

The Raising Backyard Meat Rabbits workshop is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to raise and butcher rabbits for meat at home. Rabbits are an excellent choice for meat as they can provide healthy and tasty meat with a minimum of space, time, resources, and low environmental impact.

This workshop starts with a power point presentation on the “how” and “why” of raising rabbits for meat. Attendees will learn about choosing breeding stock, sexing rabbits, breeding, feeding, and handling. We will also cover how to safely and humanely dispatch and process the rabbit. Attendees may choose to observe only or participate in the processing. Take home your processed rabbit for an additional $15.

Processing Backyard Meat Rabbits

Approximately two hours long
$20 each or $35 for two (couple, two friends, parent/child, whatever!)

If you’ve already done some research on raising meat rabbits and just want to learn processing, this is the workshop for you. We do include a quick tour of the rabbit barn and demonstrate sexing rabbits of various ages, as well as allowing time for questions and answers.  Take home your processed rabbit for an additional $15.

Let’s chat! Rabbit Barn Tour and Q&A

$15 per hour per person or free if you are purchasing a rabbit.

Tour our rabbit barn and get answers to your questions while seeing the rabbits in person!  We can talk Angoras or meat rabbits or both, based on your interest.  Processing lessons are not included with the Let’s Chat! Tour.  I can demonstrate angora rabbit plucking/shearing as part of this tour, but I do not currently teach fiber processing or spinning.


Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Each workshop is limited to 5-6 attendees so that we have enough time for answering individual questions. Email to reserve your spot and for payment instructions and directions to the farm.